5 ways to help your heat pump keep you warm in winter

North Alabama winters often have short spells that tax a heat pump, so here are some suggestions for helping your heat pump work at its best when the temperatures fall.

  1. Heat pumps cruise easily through most obstacles, but freezing temperatures—below 32 degrees Celsius – can tax heat pumps. Use the defrost mode to keep ice from forming on your heat pump when temperatures are freezing. (If the defrost mode seems to be working too long, contact standardhvac.com and we will be glad to help.)
  2. Don’t use the emergency heat for really cold days unless you are prepared to pay very high utility bills. It’s less expensive to keep the heat pump in normal mode.
  3. Buy a programmable thermostat that relieves you from the task of constantly raising and lowering the thermostat. Programmable thermostats – especially the Nest model – can operate the heating system for you whether you’re home or away and it can recover its cost in three years or less because it cuts utility bills significantly.
  4. Don’t let branches and other winter debris block your heat pump. The heat pump needs air, so make sure the area around it is free of obstructions.
  5. Heat pumps work best when they are periodically maintained – lines checked, fluids fills, fans examined etc. At standardhvac.com, we can provide valuable information on how to get the best maintenance at the most reasonable fee.