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Heat pumps of tomorrow

Looking ahead, we see manufacturers building on technology to develop even more efficient heat pumps. “These units will embrace the Internet of Things (IoT), which allows devices to sense, communicate, interact, and collaborate with each other,” reports. The focus is on efficiency, with smart controls and more efficient fans and motors that cut [...]

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Follow the star

The Energy Star is a good guide for people in the market for new residential HVAC systems. The Energy Star designates energy-efficient products that save money on energy costs while maintaining performance. The program is operated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.   See 2017’s list of the most efficient central air conditioners and [...]

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Did You Know?

Yes, we’re becoming more energy efficient, but we’re also building bigger homes that negate much of the savings. While U.S. homes are more energy efficient than they were in the 1970s, they’re also about 28 percent larger now! "Our trend toward bigger homes, especially in new construction, still requires [...]

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Know your compressor

Technology and economics are shaping the world of air conditioner compressors, with new developments offering more energy efficiency although higher upfront costs.The oldest type, the rotary compressor, is used in window units and some central AC systems. Give it points for durability and low cost.The reciprocating compressor, often seen in less efficient split-air systems, is [...]

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