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Thermostat fever

You’re not alone if you want a smart thermostat for your home. reports: “A major manufacturer recently conducted a survey of 2,000 consumers asking for their feedback on smart products. When asked about their interest in purchasing smart products, more than 60 percent of respondents said they were interested in purchasing an intelligent [...]

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York AC system wins award for high efficiency

The York® Affinity™ unit won the Gold Award, top prize in the High-Efficiency Residential category of the 2017 Dealer Design Awards. The York Affinity Series YXV split system air conditioner was found to be more energy efficient, more reliable and more comfortable than its competitors. It has system levels up to 20 SEER; advanced technologies [...]

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5 ways to raise your IAQ

It’s easy to raise your IAQ –your Indoor Air Quality. Here are five easy tips that will freshen the air in your home and remove pollutants like smoke, unpleasant odors and pet dander: Open the windows often. Even a brief breeze through a window can send fresh air circulating through your home. Use natural air [...]

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SEER and other energy efficiencies

When discussing energy efficiency and the Seasonal Effective Energy Ratio of your air conditioner, don’t think it’s just one or the other. The better answer is “Both.” "In eu ultricies lacus. Phasellus non ante nec neque imperdiet congue. Donec sed lectus eu mi tincidunt rhoncus non a metus. In [...]

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New benefits from HVAC systems

Added features on new air-conditioners will increase comfort and energy efficiency, but they come with a price. Manufacturers offer high-end equipment that is quieter, cuts humidity and makes life at your house more comfortable. Take a look at some offerings and then consider whether any of them fit your [...]

Life Before AC

We all complain about summer heat, but can you imagine what life here was like before the invention of air conditioning? If you weren’t around then, you probably have older relatives or friends who can tell you about the stultifying heat that blanketed communities, deterring business and hampering social life. [...]

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Get a unit that fits your home

If you’re building a new home or replacing your HVAC system, we can help. We can show you the right size – not too little and not too big. You want the unit to fit your home the way your favorite clothes fit you. "A self-contained unit (also called a [...]