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Facts about manufacturer warranties

Always read the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with your new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. At, we discuss the details of each purchase with every customer, but it’s always wise to read the warranty your self as well. "The warranty is usually only for the original purchaser [...]

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Window film not just for cars

Tint works on home windows as well as car windows. It can be an excellent solution for a room that gets too much exposure to the sun -- for example a west-facing room that takes a beating from the summer sun. Today’s tints are clear for you to see outside, but they can block [...]

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Dial that number

The thermostat may look insignificant on the wall of your home, but it helps you direct the cooling and heating commands and it can affect your utility bill, too. The newest development is the programmable thermostat, which lets you set the thermostat from almost anywhere and keeps temperatures rising and dropping as you wish, [...]

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