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Home Water Heaters

Water heater: tank or no tank? That’s the question people often must answer when deciding on a water heater. The correct answer: It depends on your lifestyle and your budget. The tankless water heater has some big advantages. It never runs out of hot water. Tankless also is known as a spontaneous or demand- type [...]

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The Modern Gas Furnace

Gas Furnaces are Much-Improved Today’s gas furnace is not the noisy, labor-intensive clunker you may remember from Grandma’s house. The modern gas furnace quietly, smoothly moves air with an AFUE rating (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of at least 80 percent and as much as 97 percent. That’s fantastic efficiency, with a comfortable home, reliable performance and cost savings as your [...]

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Top Heat Pump Tips To Keep You Warm

5 ways to help your heat pump keep you warm in winter North Alabama winters often have short spells that tax a heat pump, so here are some suggestions for helping your heat pump work at its best when the temperatures fall. Heat pumps cruise easily through most obstacles, but freezing temperatures—below 32 degrees Celsius – can tax [...]

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