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Benefits of Having a Home Backup Generator

Generators Add Comfort to a Home Generators are great when weather or man-made disaster takes out your heat, air conditioning and everything else in your home powered by electricity. Some suggestions on what kind of generator to get: The least expensive option is a small emergency generator powered by gasoline. It has limits – it will power some [...]

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Best HVAC System For Older Homes

Zoned A/C Systems are the Best Option for Older Homes The Birmingham, AL area is full of old homes that energetic people are working hard to renovate, adding modern comforts while preserving architectural details and beauty. One stumbling block: How do you sensibly cool and heat one of these old homes without disturbing the architecture and style [...]

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Buying New HVAC System Tips

Planning a New HVAC Unit? Don’t wing it when it comes to installing a new central air conditioning system for your home. Ten Key Points to Consider Make sure the contractor is certified, experienced and thoughtful, taking time to plan the installation before the equipment arrives. Be confident there’s enough indoor space to install, maintain [...]

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