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Mark O’Brien is a longtime writer who focuses on topics like heating, ventilation and air conditioning. A former journalist, he has written or co-written several books on a variety of subjects. He specializes in taking complex subjects and breaking them down into understandable language that people can use in their lives. HVAC is one of those subjects; heating and AC are vital to the lives of people in the South, yet many don’t understand the system until if fails, usually the day before a holiday! When he’s not writing, Mark enjoys spoiling his grandchildren.

High Pressure

Compressor problems can start elsewhere Your compressor can be brought down by problems in other parts of your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system. Lines can get plugged up; fan belts can break; there can be too much or too little refrigerant HVAC guru John Tomczyk recently wrote an excellent article in ACHR News explaining [...]

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Modular Homes

One way to cool a modular home Modular homes have a lot going for them: They can be built quickly, with good cost and quality controls before being delivered to the site, where the sections are assembled. But what’s the best way to heat, ventilate and cool a modular home? One smart idea: Consider [...]

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Home Water Heaters

Water heater: tank or no tank? That’s the question people often must answer when deciding on a water heater. The correct answer: It depends on your lifestyle and your budget. The tankless water heater has some big advantages. It never runs out of hot water. Tankless also is known as a spontaneous or demand- type [...]

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The Modern Gas Furnace

Gas Furnaces are Much-Improved Today’s gas furnace is not the noisy, labor-intensive clunker you may remember from Grandma’s house. The modern gas furnace quietly, smoothly moves air with an AFUE rating (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of at least 80 percent and as much as 97 percent. That’s fantastic efficiency, with a comfortable home, reliable performance and cost savings as your [...]

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Top Heat Pump Tips To Keep You Warm

5 ways to help your heat pump keep you warm in winter North Alabama winters often have short spells that tax a heat pump, so here are some suggestions for helping your heat pump work at its best when the temperatures fall. Heat pumps cruise easily through most obstacles, but freezing temperatures—below 32 degrees Celsius – can tax [...]

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Buying a Furnace

What To Look For in a Furnace It’s winter and you’re worried about your aging furnace and whether it will make it to springtime. Thanks to recent technological advances, you will be pleasantly surprised to see the selection of modern furnaces that are a huge improvement over the furnaces of not so long ago. New gas furnaces actually can save [...]

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Energy Saving Tips

For energy savings, try this near Birmingham, AL It’s winter, when you may be wrestling between personal comfort and energy savings. You can cut costs by putting on an extra sweater or blanket and turning down the thermostat. The U.S. Department of Energy says you can save about 3 percent on your heating bill for every degree you [...]

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