Generators Add Comfort to a Home

Generators are great when weather or man-made disaster takes out your heat, air conditioning and everything else in your home powered by electricity.

Some suggestions on what kind of generator to get:

  • The least expensive option is a small emergency generator powered by gasoline. It has limits – it will power some lights and keep the refrigerator working, but not much else. And you will want a porch or other sheltered place outdoors to keep it -–and you – out of rain, snow and other unpleasantness the weather may bring.
  • A home standby generator will cost more, but offer more.

It’s more convenient and safer – no gasoline or fire risks, no extension cords to trip over, no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

To fuel a standby generator, you can choose among natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel, the most expensive alternative. Whichever standby generator you choose, you will be adding to the value of your home if you decide to sell.

You will need to decide what size of standby generator you want and whether you plan to use it to air-condition and/or heat your home. Here’s where standby generators get complicated because it involves calculating loads and best uses of systems. It’s best to call in an experienced contractor to help you deal successfully with air conditioning issues involved in selecting the best standby generator for your home.

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