Planning a New HVAC Unit?

Don’t wing it when it comes to installing a new central air conditioning system for your home.

Ten Key Points to Consider

  • Make sure the contractor is certified, experienced and thoughtful, taking time to plan the installation before the equipment arrives.
  • Be confident there’s enough indoor space to install, maintain and repair the system. Better to consider it now rather than find out later that space is a problem.
  • An access door will give you or the technician a way to reach the evaporator coil, which needs periodic cleaning.
  • The contractor should follow guidelines set down in Manual D used by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America.
  • Take a count to see if the system has enough supply registers to deliver cool air and enough return air registers to deliver warm house air back to the air conditioner.
  • Ask that all ductwork be installed within the conditioned space. The attic should be used only as a last resort; Alabama heat will beat down on an attic and hurt the unit’s efficiency.
  • Ductwork should be sealed with duct mastic, which works better than duct tape on heating and air conditioning equipment. If you do have attic ducts, make sure they are heavily insulated.
  • Think about where the condensing unit should be located. You want it to be somewhere its noise won’t bother you or your neighbors and where no trees or other objects block airflow to it.
  • Check and double-check to be sure the new unit has the exact refrigerant and airflow rate specified by the manufacturer.
  • The thermostat should be located away from heat sources such as windows, kitchens or supply registers that would affect the temperature.

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