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HVAC Tariffs Affect Cost

Air Conditioning System Tariffs Affect Equipment Cost If you’re on the fence about buying a new air-conditioning system, some international economic news may help you decide to make your purchase now. Manufacturers have begun raising their prices as a result of the tariffs President Trump instated on foreign steel – 25 percent – and aluminum [...]

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Buying New HVAC System Tips

Planning a New HVAC Unit? Don’t wing it when it comes to installing a new central air conditioning system for your home. Ten Key Points to Consider Make sure the contractor is certified, experienced and thoughtful, taking time to plan the installation before the equipment arrives. Be confident there’s enough indoor space to install, maintain [...]

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New HVAC System Products

New HVAC Options to Consider for Your Birmingham Home It’s a new air-conditioning season and manufacturers are rolling out products you may want to consider to help you through summer. Here are excerpts from an rundown: AMANA HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING Model: AVXC20 air conditioner Footprint (in inches): 35 (length) by 35 (width) [...]

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Get a unit that fits your home

If you’re building a new home or replacing your HVAC system, we can help. We can show you the right size – not too little and not too big. You want the unit to fit your home the way your favorite clothes fit you. "A self-contained unit (also called a [...]

Know your compressor

Technology and economics are shaping the world of air conditioner compressors, with new developments offering more energy efficiency although higher upfront costs.The oldest type, the rotary compressor, is used in window units and some central AC systems. Give it points for durability and low cost.The reciprocating compressor, often seen in less efficient split-air systems, is [...]

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New Furnace Facts

If you’re in the market for a new furnace, make sure you check out American Standard’s S-Series models. The new version offers improved performance and goes far beyond the required minimums. It’s also kinder to your budget because it’s easier to install and service. The high-tech Vortica blower provides more efficiency and lower energy [...]

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Two-stage compressors are best

When you’re looking to buy a new air-conditioning unit, you may want to bite the budget bullet and buy a two-stage compressor rather than the traditional one-compressor model. You will be glad you did. You will have less humidity and more consistent cooling and you will recover the cost over time in reduced energy [...]

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