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New benefits from HVAC systems

Added features on new air-conditioners will increase comfort and energy efficiency, but they come with a price. Manufacturers offer high-end equipment that is quieter, cuts humidity and makes life at your house more comfortable. Take a look at some offerings and then consider whether any of them fit your [...]

Know your compressor

Technology and economics are shaping the world of air conditioner compressors, with new developments offering more energy efficiency although higher upfront costs.The oldest type, the rotary compressor, is used in window units and some central AC systems. Give it points for durability and low cost.The reciprocating compressor, often seen in less efficient split-air systems, is [...]

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Two-stage compressors are best

When you’re looking to buy a new air-conditioning unit, you may want to bite the budget bullet and buy a two-stage compressor rather than the traditional one-compressor model. You will be glad you did. You will have less humidity and more consistent cooling and you will recover the cost over time in reduced energy [...]

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