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Standard Tips to Save Energy

Save energy and money There are modern ways to save money on energy bills and there are old-fashioned ways, too. Remember how our parents always yelled, “Close the door. We don’t live in a barn!” or “Turn off the lights! I’m not made of money.” They were right. You’re letting heat or cool [...]

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Windows cost power

You can improve your energy efficiency by replacing old, leaky windows with vinyl windows that boost your home’s appearance and cut your utility bills. As notes, “Energy Star-compliant windows help save on heating and cooling bills all year long. For added safety and security, consider impact-resistant windows. Much like a car windshield, these laminated [...]

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Insulation materials vary

Insulation ductwork comes in a variety of formats, depending on the home’s requirements. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of the formats when choosing insulation for your home. The most common material is galvanized steel. It’s coated with zinc, which prevents rusting and eliminates the need for painting. Fabric or fiber ducts often are made [...]

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Thoughts on insulation

Insulating your ducts is valuable because it reduces temperature loss through the duct system, but there are pros and cons to consider. Nicholas Griewahn, associate professor of HVACR, Northern Michigan University, Marquette, Mich., summed it up recently at a panel assembled by Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration News. “If I were to ask a [...]

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UV lamps are a bright idea

Ultraviolet lamps make your heating and air conditioning system more efficient and help the air stay clean. They inactivate virtually all microorganisms living on surfaces of your heating and air conditioning system, scoring a “kill ratio” of 90 percent or higher, as noted by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.) “As [...]

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Window film not just for cars

Tint works on home windows as well as car windows. It can be an excellent solution for a room that gets too much exposure to the sun -- for example a west-facing room that takes a beating from the summer sun. Today’s tints are clear for you to see outside, but they can block [...]

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York AC system wins award for high efficiency

The York® Affinity™ unit won the Gold Award, top prize in the High-Efficiency Residential category of the 2017 Dealer Design Awards. The York Affinity Series YXV split system air conditioner was found to be more energy efficient, more reliable and more comfortable than its competitors. It has system levels up to 20 SEER; advanced technologies [...]

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SEER and other energy efficiencies

When discussing energy efficiency and the Seasonal Effective Energy Ratio of your air conditioner, don’t think it’s just one or the other. The better answer is “Both.” "In eu ultricies lacus. Phasellus non ante nec neque imperdiet congue. Donec sed lectus eu mi tincidunt rhoncus non a metus. In [...]

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Follow the star

The Energy Star is a good guide for people in the market for new residential HVAC systems. The Energy Star designates energy-efficient products that save money on energy costs while maintaining performance. The program is operated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.   See 2017’s list of the most efficient central air conditioners and [...]

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