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HVAC Tariffs Affect Cost

Air Conditioning System Tariffs Affect Equipment Cost If you’re on the fence about buying a new air-conditioning system, some international economic news may help you decide to make your purchase now. Manufacturers have begun raising their prices as a result of the tariffs President Trump instated on foreign steel – 25 percent – and aluminum [...]

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Best HVAC System For Older Homes

Zoned A/C Systems are the Best Option for Older Homes The Birmingham, AL area is full of old homes that energetic people are working hard to renovate, adding modern comforts while preserving architectural details and beauty. One stumbling block: How do you sensibly cool and heat one of these old homes without disturbing the architecture and style [...]

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New HVAC System Products

New HVAC Options to Consider for Your Birmingham Home It’s a new air-conditioning season and manufacturers are rolling out products you may want to consider to help you through summer. Here are excerpts from an achrnews.com rundown: AMANA HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING Model: AVXC20 air conditioner Footprint (in inches): 35 (length) by 35 (width) [...]

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The Modern Gas Furnace

Gas Furnaces are Much-Improved Today’s gas furnace is not the noisy, labor-intensive clunker you may remember from Grandma’s house. The modern gas furnace quietly, smoothly moves air with an AFUE rating (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of at least 80 percent and as much as 97 percent. That’s fantastic efficiency, with a comfortable home, reliable performance and cost savings as your [...]

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Buying a Furnace

What To Look For in a Furnace It’s winter and you’re worried about your aging furnace and whether it will make it to springtime. Thanks to recent technological advances, you will be pleasantly surprised to see the selection of modern furnaces that are a huge improvement over the furnaces of not so long ago. New gas furnaces actually can save [...]

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New HVAC Equipment for Fall 2017

If it’s football season it’s also furnace, heater and heat pump season. Here’s an abbreviated rundown on some of the newest equipment being offered by manufacturers according to Contracting Business. American Standard American Standard has launched the S9X2 furnace, which can be fueled by either fuels or propane gas. This 2-5 ton furnace is compatible [...]

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SEER and other energy efficiencies

When discussing energy efficiency and the Seasonal Effective Energy Ratio of your air conditioner, don’t think it’s just one or the other. The better answer is “Both.” "In eu ultricies lacus. Phasellus non ante nec neque imperdiet congue. Donec sed lectus eu mi tincidunt rhoncus non a metus. In [...]

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